Saturday, 18 July 2015

Why a southern girl across 1710 km to study Hán Nôm in the North?

It's the days I was back after Hue trip (a long trip for the first seriously celebrate my 25th birthday), come back with messy working and I felt that I need to leave and make the next chapter for myself. I suddenly decide go to Ha Noi and stay for a time, also create an opportunity to study Han Nom (Ancient Vietnamese) and has been taught by a historical researcher who is author of my best favorites book.

Just wait for Lunar New Year, the set up planning start in my brain but nobody know, 2 week after Tet holiday with a super busy til the last day, I official unemployment and freedom for moving plan. But 2 week after that, I face with a hundred things to through out and ask my friends help to keep some necessary important utensil. Also is arrange and open some relationship to find new jobs when I'll living in Ha Noi.

To deal with stresses, I would love to make new friends and meeting via Couchsurfing and then, a little busy with some nice and special people. One of them is an invitation from CPOC center and it's just a "spam" message to seeking volunteers. But it accidently become a reason for me to decide go to Phnom Penh, where I often wanna go there to meet a special friend who often listen me for many things that he even cannot see. At that moment, there are 2 reason to go to Phnom Penh, one to experience become a volunteers though I never do that in Viet Nam and one to meeting up.

Came back after Cambodia trip with a heavy stress on my shoulder. I have to talk with my Mom, and the whole family as well. From the time stay home to deal with family until came back HCMC and ready to go, it's lucky in my life with my buddy and CSfriends.

I started to live settle down in Ha Noi. Within 3 first days. I'm been welcomed and host by couple who we are my close friends then, found a cheap room to stay and got a good jobs, met a male friend who is long time no see since secondary school and enjoy the cool weather end of April

A small room in an impoverished and overcrowded area at Ha Noi. The landlord here is old, over 70 year olds but he's still good health, a retired journalist and also use facebook to read and write articles everyday by tablet. He's a typical of the North people so he's often keep a length conversation and repeat many time some topic. I rent a room in his house because he thought we matched each other (but not, at least for me), spend for me a cheap price.

Although his house dirty a bit with many my enemy insect - cockroaches, almost place since 2012 it's never been clean up and I killed over 20 cockroaches in bathroom. It's frighten me everynight but I decided rent here at least some months because the rooftop looking forward to the big river of the North, a nice view to sightseeing, also the landlord liked me stay and sometime talking with him. Now, this house is the place where I'm staying and working, live in Ha Noi and work for a startup company in HCMC.

And, I'm start to learn more and learn back my knowledge about my country. Waiting for Hán Nôm class and working hard, to earn money for the big trip around the North ASAP

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